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Hook & Tow Prairie Services is a Watrous Towing company that brings comfort and ease to its customers stuck in a vehicle emergency, with 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, and recovery, along with day-to-day regular business hours to take care of those not so emergency needs. As a Watrous Towing company, we cover a wide range of professional attitude services, with safety for both the customer, and employees being our number one concern. Whether you are stuck in the snow, mud, have locked your key in your vehicle, ran out of fuel, flat tire, or need something moved. At hook & tow we are dedicated to serving you with a professional and safe experience for you and the employees of hook & tow.


  • CAA emergency roadside assistance.
  • Small to medium duty vehicle recovery/towing.
  • Off road recovery/towing.
  • Tire changing.
  • Battery boosting 24 and 12v systems.
  • Battery replacement.
  • Locked out vehicle services.
  • Hot shot services, get your cargo when you need it.
  • Scrap and unwanted vehicle removal.

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